X Geo - Solids Set


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X Geo - Solids Set
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X Geo is a versatile geometric building system designed to help learning skills. It contains 7 basic geo shapes which can be fixed together, edge to edge, with specially designed hinges. Each shape has a frame completely showing the shape and a hole in the center and in the same shape used for easier shape-recognition, handling and tracing net before building a solid.

X Geo shapes are made from durable transparent or opaque plastic material. It allows children to identify the shapes and models clearly and also see through individual shapes and models to explore angles, shapes, and vertices. Transparent X Geo shapes also help them to discover colour relationships by placing 2 different colours on top of one another.

X Geo is a great resource for children to explore a variety of different mathematical areas including shape and space, patterns and aolors, sorting and classifying, problem solving and technology development and creativity. Using X Geo helps to develop spatial awareness by converting 2-D net into 3-D shapes and solids.

Build prism, pyramid, platonic solids and archimedean solid models at the same time for easier observation, comparision and discussion in class.


240 pcs per set, including 7 different shapes of XGEO in opaque or transparent and a Solid-Opening Tool.

Each set is packed in a plastic box with lock and a colorful box.

Ages 4 and over.

Item size: 340 x 230 x 170 mm





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