Number Equalizer Balance


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Gigo Number Equalizer Balance
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Similar in theme to the balance beam (#1603) the math balance is for slightly older students. Children will learn how to represent simple mathematical formulas on paper and on the balance, and demonstrate how one relates to the other. Cards and supporting materials assist children with the path to algebra in the future introducing unknowns and “what if” scenarios.

The set includes the straight arm balance, 20 weights and the challenge cards. Children can hang weights under each number on both sides of the balance, and then practice arithmetic and number composition, decomposition.


  • Visually display equal to {=}, greater than [>] and less than [<].
  • Add and subtract by placing weights on the balance beam.
  • Learn basic Math principles (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) by doing the exercises in the instruction manual.


  • 21 pcs per set
  • Balance x 1 pc
  • 10g weight x 20 pcs
  • An instruction manual.
  • Packed in a plastic lockable box.

Suitable for: Ages 4 and over.

Item Size: 664 x 72 x 74 mm


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