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Gigo Student Clock
  • $8.90

Similar to #1014MS (Gigo Standing Magnetic Teaching Clock), this is a smaller version of the teaching clock. Only 13 cm in diameter, this has a prop-up stand, or can be used lying flat on a table. It shows both 12 & 24 hour times, with all minutes graduated correctly. The two hands are geared correctly so that as one hand turns, the other moves the proportionally correct amount. 

It helps your child to learn about the concept of time by showing 12, 24 hours and 60 minutes with numbers and graduations. 


  • 1 pc per set
  • Made of strong, durable non-toxic plastic 13 cm clock in diameter.


  • It can stand up with a fixed support on back or lie down when the support is turned flat.
  • The hour and minute hands are geared.
  • Shows 12 & 24 hours and 60 minutes with numbers and graduations. Simple to use and easy to read.
  • Works interactively with #1014MS Standing Magnetic Teaching Clock in classroom

Suitable for: Ages 3+ and above


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