Double Sided 11x11 Isometric Geoboard (set of 8)


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Gigo Double Sided 11x11 Isometric Geoboard (set of 8)
  • $69.90

208 pcs per set
Geoboard x 8 pcs
Colorful rubber band (randomly selected color) x 200 pcs
Packed in a colorful box.

● Made of durable polypropylene.
● One side has 11×11 pins on 2cm raised grid, other side pins are in an isometric array to allow work with isosceles triangles.


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Similar to #1601, the Double-Sided Isometric Geoboard has eight double-sided boards of different shapes and 200 colorful, non-toxic rubber bands. Each rubber band is approximately 20.5cm × 20.5cm. One side of the board has an 11×11 pin array on a 2cm raised grid, and the other side has pins in an isometric array for working with perspectives and isosceles triangles. Children can experiment with comparisons, geometric designs, sizes and shapes, counting and symmetry. More advanced learners can begin playing with congruence, perimeters, areas, fractions and angles. The learning process develops gradually, and helps children discover ways to represent their ideas using the tools provided.

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