Gigo - Teaching Aid - Connect A Cube (Space Cube)


Teaching Aid

Gigo - Teaching Aid - Connect A Cube (Space Cube)
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93 pcs per set
Cube x 72pcs [Rx18, Yx18, Gx12, Bx24]
6 Hole Cube x 16pcs [Rx4, Yx4, Gx4, Bx4]
Activity card x 5 pcs

● Space Cube consists of cubes with one peg and cubes with 6 holes.
● Side measures 2cm. It is connectable on all sides and can rotate.
● Create a variety of 3D space design works and the plane variations, and understand the concept of numbers.
● Children can obtain sense of space, problem solving, symmetry, organization, logical thinking and creativity.

* Remark: It can make several game modes: A, B, C, D four kinds of space puzzle games.


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Cultivate a sense of 3D space from 2D designs. Students will learn to assemble complex block structures by seeing pictures and then completing a design. In doing so, they must understand concepts relating to symmetry, area and volume. This set contains two types of building block in four different colors, five challenge cards, and a total of 93 parts. Using the included challenge cards, children will be able to perform four assembly challenges and play five spatial awareness games.

The variety of games and challenges posed by this set provide a wide range of opportunities for children. According to research conducted by the mathematician Kevin l. Gong, up to 60 billion unique block combinations can be produced with just 16 blocks.

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