Gigo Teaching Aid Connect A Cube (2cm cube)


Teaching Aid

Gigo - Teaching Aid - Connect A Cube (2cm cube)
  • $29.90


  • 105 pcs per set
  • Cube (in 10 colors, each color x 10 pcs) x 100 pcs
  • Activity card x 5 pcs
  • Packed in a plastic lockable box.


  • Develops counting, sorting and sequencing.
  • Can be used with the #1163 Cube Activity Board to improve math skills.

Ages 3+ | 105 Components




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Develop a visual intuition for numbers 1 -100 and mathematical operators. Use the colored cubes and the bright simple card designs to work step by step through concepts like counting, classification, and number decomposition. With ten different color cubes to use, children will quickly begin having fun as they count and learn.

The physical objects enable children to validate their answers immediately, and the five activity cards and ten challenges provide hours of engagement while teaching foundational skills. With a few simple changes to the games, more advanced concepts such as symmetry and multiplication can also be taught.

Cheerful and cute patterns help children relate to the numbers more personally, blending education with entertainment.

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