Gigo Attribute Logic Blocks (65 Pieces)


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Gigo Attribute Logic Blocks (65 Pieces)
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● Learn how to classify shapes, sizes, colours and thickness.
● Develop logical thinking.


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Geometry is a cornerstone of mathematics, and this set will help students recognize various attributes and characteristics of shapes through physical contact. They will be able to recognize, classify and sort. This set contains sixty geometric logic boards, with five shapes, in three colours, in two sizes, and all pieces in two different thicknesses.

Children will be able to compare the differences and use these differences to complete the ten challenges on the double-sided cards. Teachers can guide the children from the early steps through to advanced topics such as tables, Venn diagrams, and matrices. The cards also have a series of fun games and competitions, similar to tic-tac-toe, for children to play as they learn.

65 pcs per set
Attribute logic block x 60pcs
– 5 shapes [square, rectangle, circle, triangle, hexagon]
– 3 colours [red, yellow, blue]
– 2 sizes [10 cm², 30 cm² ]
– 2 thickness [3 mm, 6 mm]
Activity card x 5 pcs
Each set is packed in a plastic lockable box.

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