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LaQ Sweet Collection Bunny
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Gather your friends to play with the adorable 5-in-1 LaQ Bunny. As part of the Sweet Collection series, this set includes 175 pieces and instructions to make 5 interchangeable models including a Bunny, Bunny's Garden, Pretend Play models, Accessories Set and a Pen Stand.

Filled with cute models that enable open-ended imaginative building and play, the Sweet Collection series is a great starting point for inspiration to create any object or character. Fun to build and collect, children will have hours of fun!





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LaQ is a highly creative and tactile building toy with a simple and elegant design. Invented using traditional Japanese concepts of architecture and recycling, its uniqueness come from using only 7 types of block parts - square, triangle and 5 connectors. From the seemingly limited array of shapes, an infinite number of models and designs are possible. The key is in the connectors, which offer three different angles for 2D, 3D and spherical geometric shapes.

The Hamacron parts consist of wheels and axles to make vehicles or any moving action. By planning the use of shapes and colors in each assemblage, builders can create anything imaginable starting from simple shapes and rapidly move into building their own inventions.

The pieces snap together tightly for a secure fit and the sound from connecting them makes building a fun and satisfying experience. A child will know the pieces are firmly connected with the snapping noise, and the sound will encourage the child to continue building a personal toy. Connecting the pieces together is not only great fun but helps in concentration through creative play. Its simplicity, high quality, vibrant colors, and the tactile "snap and click" experience when connecting pieces make it for fun playtime. LaQ rewards patience and creativity.

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