Gigo Experiments - RC Custom Car


7 - 9 Years

Gigo Experiments - RC Custom Car
  • $149.90

  • A unique gear system optimizes the speed and torque of each model. There are 4 gears inside the gearbox making it easier to change the gear ratio.
  • The hand held IR control box allows full control over the car’s driving direction and steering.
  • There are 4 independent channels available for multiple and simultaneous use during group play or competitions.
  • Gigo shells give your car a realistic appearance, and stickers allow you to customize your car.
  • 10 models: race car, hot rod, truck, electric car, etc.




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With this remote control car kit you can build a fast drifting racing car that can slide its back wheels when you make a sharp turn and still keep the grip on the front wheels. This makes it cool to race.

You can also build a powerful off-road truck that can overcome obstacles while you are in control.

The core IR receiver and motor unit, that also contains the batteries, has a unique gearing system where kids can insert different gearings and obtain high speed or change to a slow speed but a high torque that makes a car drive over tough terrain. You can build more than 10 cool and very different cars from this kit.

The Gigo shape design system makes it possible to make many realistic cool models. A new dedicated steering motor unit gives full control over the car that kids can easily control the car by using the hand held IR control box.

You can learn about car and driving science.

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