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Gigo Green Energy Eco-Power
  • $99.90

● 22 vehicles to assemble – powered by an environmentally friendly and non-toxic recyclable fuel cell battery.
● 6 alloy plates that will last for up to 64 hours of operation
● When you are out of alloy plates, you can use aluminium foil from the kitchen! 
● Salted water + aluminum = reaction between air, water, salt and magnesium 
● The energy produced can be used to recharge a battery (case supplied) 
● Full colour instruction sheet (explanation of principle + models building step) 
● Requires 1 rechargeable LR06 battery. Batteries not included.

Ages 8 and over.


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Learn the Theory Behind Green Energy
Green Energy is a worldwide trend that requires your attention. Many countries have been developing green energy for decades. The Green Energy Revolution is coming, and it's a topic that children need to be familiar with.

A New Way To Explore Green Energy
Gigo employs brand-new materials to make it easier and more fun to explore the world of green energy! The new components are both more lightweight and very strong, so it's a breeze to build the neatest, fastest models on land and on water. Thanks to these new kits, as children play, they learn how limited resources can generate impressive power. Structural features include:

  • The use of exclusive carbon fibre bars in combination with a smooth texture
    makes the models lightweight and solid, with excellent durability.
  • The square carbon fibre bar transmits power and acts as a component connector.
    Use the multi-connector to freely connect the prolate rods.
  • It may be used interchangeably in conjunction with the Gigo Green Energy and Experiments
  • The specially designed fan may also be used as a wheel.


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