Gigo Teaching Aid Number Grid Abacus


Teaching Aid

Gigo Teaching Aid Number Grid Abacus
  • $31.90

1 pc per set
Includes 100 beads in 5 colors on 10 rows, number grids printed on edges.

● Develop counting, adding, subtracting and place value on understanding maths.
● Understand place value of decimals.


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The abacus is an ancient counting instrument, but learning to use it teaches essential mental skills that benefit children for life, which is why it is still a commonly taught skill in schools across Asia. On the ten bars, there are five different color beads, with 100 beads in total.

Numbers 1 to 10 run horizontally and vertically across the abacus to help younger children see what they are doing at a glance. The abacus is not just a counting instrument, it also shows the relationship between numbers and quantities, while teaching methodical and regular number arrangement.

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