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Gigo - Remote Control Machines Farm
  • $169.90

Remote Control Machines Farm

● Includes 4 models, a Farm Tractor with one of 4 different attachments, a Combine Harvester, a Draper Harvester and a Forest Truck which can create many variations. Each design is based on real farm vehicle functionality.
● There are 16 radio frequencies for long range use( 25 meter range with obstacle free ) between the receiver and the remote controller ( This allows for multiple simultaneous players in a competition setting). The receiver unit controls two motors which can let the vehicle move FWD/BWD and turn L/R.
● New design tires.
● Requires 6 AA/LR06 batteries – not included.

Additional Information
Dimensions: 420 x 80 x 330mm
Age: 6 & Above
Models: 8
​Components: 356



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