Orchard Toys Floor Puzzle - Big Alphabet Jigsaw


Motor Skills and Coordination

Orchard Toys Floor Puzzle - Big Alphabet Jigsaw
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Orchard Toys helps children to learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun and attractive way. This giant and colourful Orchard Toys Big Alphabet Jigsaw encourages observational skills, encourages educational learning and discussion, develops hand eye coordination, and promotes language and literacy to the children through its special illustrations. From ‘Where does an Octopus live?’ to ‘What is the nurse holding?’, the colourful characters of the completed jigsaw will inspire children to ask questions.

There are 26 piece of puzzles and a full size poster of the jigsaw for use as a learning guide in the packaging box. This game is recommended for age 3 to 6 children. The puzzle is large and suitable for small hands. The size is approximate 61 (L) x 42 (H) cm. The jigsaw pieces can be cleaned by wiping with cloth. 

Big Alphabet Jigsaw is an award-winning jigsaw from Orchard Toys.

Orchard Toys products are proudly made in Britain.


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