Orchard Toys Activity Puzzle - Alphabet Match


Motor Skills and Coordination

Orchard Toys Activity Puzzle - Alphabet Match
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Orchard Toys Activity Puzzle - Alphabet Match will be your kids' very first and fun alphabet puzzles among all their games. The jigsaw is simple and educated which children able to learn the alphabet by matching the attractive illustrated pictures to the alphabets, and the correct cards just able to fit together.

This puzzle helps children encourage their observational skills, discussion between peers, develops their hand eye coordination, and promotes their language and literacy.

There are 52 cardboards in the packaging box. This game is recommended for age 4+ children. The puzzle is large and suitable for small hands, the size of each jigsaws is approximate 13 (L) cm x 6.5 (H) cm. The jigsaw pieces can be cleaned by wiping with cloth. 

Alphabet Match is an award-winning jigsaw from Orchard Toys



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