Magformers - RC Kart Set (13 piece)


Motor Skills and Coordination

Magformers - RC Kart Set (13 piece)
  • $89.90

Magformers Rally Kart RC Set 13 piece

The Magformers R/C Kart set is third in the 2018 Rally Kart series and includes a special racer figurine.
Just like the standard Rally Kart set you can make loads of different vehicles, but this set also includes a remote-control power block and push-button controller unit to bring your karts to racing life.


  • Comes with unique Driver character spinning in a Magformers square.
  • Make cars move with the RC control unit.
  • Award-winning Magformers has over 50 global play and educational awards.
  • Contains 13 pieces, including wheels and RC controller.
  • Batter requirements: Motor Wheel: 3 x AAA 1.5V (Not included). R/C Remote Control : 3 x AAA 1.5V (Not included)Make cars move with the RC control unit.




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