Kod Kod More Or Less? Memory Game



Kod Kod More Or Less? Memory Game
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Look, memorize and act as fast as you can to keep the herd together!

Welcome to the Zoo !

The animals like to play tricks on the zookeeper, roaming and wandering around. Have some fun and help the zookeeper keep the herds in check by tracking down the animals who have roamed away or those who have wandered in.

This is a memory game, encourages fast thinking and to act quick to be the winner of the game.

For Age 5 and above.


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  • 12 plastic animals (size of animal figures : approximately 4cm by 5.5cm)
  • 46 double-sided cards
  • 1 cover card
  • 1 detailed instructions sheet

How to Play 

1. Place the 12 animal figures in a circle.

2. Shuffle the animal cards well and put them in a pile next to the animals.

3. Place the cover on top so that no-one can see the top card.

4. The youngest player starts by removing the cover card and place the revealed card in the middle of the animal circle.

5. All players look at the card together and try to remember exactly which animals are in this herd.

6. After a few seconds with everyone having a chance to look well at the card, the player who picked the card flips it over quickly.

7. Be the first to grab the right animal figure who has been roaming, and each person can only grab one animal.

8. Flip the card over to see who was right. The player who grabbed the right animal keeps the card.

9. Player wins if he has collected 5 animal cards.

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