Gigo Teaching Aid Math Balance


Mathematics and Logical Reasoning

Gigo Teaching Aid Math Balance
  • $39.90

67 pc per set
Balance x 1 pc
Weight x 20 pcs
Adjuster x 4 pcs
Work card x 30 pcs
Score sticker x 1 pc
Question sheet (double-sided) x 8 pcs
Guide book

● Visually displays equal to {=}, greater than [>] and less than [<].
● Add and subtract by placing weights on the balance beam.
● Learn basic Math principles (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) by doing the exercises in the instruction manual.
● Removable balance beam can be easily assembled and stored space-efficiently.
● Foundation of arithmetic. Number-friendly environment during early childhood. Get in power to think, concentrate and calculate.
● As children play and understand, they will discover the wonders and delights of numbers.


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The balance beam is a classic instrument for measuring the weight of objects. Children can place weights on the balance and learn elementary arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Fundamental operators such as equal to, greater than, and less than, can also be taught.

Each of the weights has cute animal shapes and lively colors. Children will enjoy matching these to the instruction cards as they experiment with weight, balance and distance from a pivot. The balance beam is easy to assemble and disassemble and compatible with the standard 2cm Gigo block system making it ideal for integration with other projects, or storage when not in use.

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