Gigo Teaching Aid Multilink Number Track (60 Pieces)


Mathematics and Logical Reasoning

Gigo Teaching Aid Multilink Number Track (60 Pieces)
  • $14.90

60 pcs per set
Track x 10 pcs, with numbers from 1 to 100 in 2 colours.
Slide x 50 pcs, with length from 1 to 10cm, each length 5 pcs in 5 colours.
Each set is packed in a plastic case.

● Develop the ability to count,, souring, sequence, add, subtract, measure, and make patterns.



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The number track assists children with developing their essential number line skills. Learn about order, sorting, comparing and how to decompose a number. Number lines help children visualize numbers in relation to length, size and proportion. Solve problems by using individual unit blocks, and learn about grouping numbers to make counting easier. Numbers 1 to 100 are made conceptually easier by the clear visual layout, which translates abstract numbers into physical quantities.

The track and slide combination is unique and is compatible with set #1028-250R’s number sticks and number track.

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