Gigo Math Tower 3D


Mathematics and Logical Reasoning

Gigo Math Tower 3D
  • $99.90

Stair x 9 pcs
Tower x 10 pcs
X Bases x 10 pcs
Plastic challenge card x 24 pcs

● This is a fun board game combining blocks and algorithms, which develops logical thinking and problem-solving ability. Suits both self-learning and group learning.
● The idea comes from Mafate on the Reunion Islands where the postman has to climb up and down many stairs to deliver letters.
● Learning topics:
 -Understand the decomposition of numbers up to 10 with Cuisenaire method.
 -Develop mathematical skills and logic reasoning.
 -Implement algorithmic principle and decision tree.



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The life of a Mafat Postman is not an easy one. They must march up and down hills and mountains, finding the best, shortest or most economical route. Help the postman deliver his mail using simple mathematical operators. Learn about numbers, mathematical operators, and sequences of operators to solve the problems. This game uses towers and ladders as a framework for teaching number differences, greater than, less than, and increasing and decreasing number patterns

Experiment with combinations and permutations to find alternate solutions to problems. Challenges range in difficulty from early childhood to middle school and children can set problems for each other, or investigate the numbers by themselves. The set includes twenty-four challenge cards and a narrative driven manual to explain the twelve basic challenges.

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