Gigo Cube Activity Board (2cm cube not included)


Mathematics and Logical Reasoning

Gigo Cube Activity Board (2cm cube not included)
  • $7.90

1 pc per set
High-density EVA board x1
Printed with 1-100 numbered squares [2x2cm] on one side and a multiplication square on the other.

● Develop the ability to count, sort, sequence, graph, measure, and make patterns.
● Understand basic ideas of mathematics.
● Enhance spatial awareness, creativity, problem solving and fine motor skills.


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Gigo’s innovative math board can be used with the #1017CR 2cm cube set. Children can learn mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, sorting, multiplication and division by placing cubes on the board. Convert abstract numbers into physical quantities and learn the value of places, hundreds, tens and units.

The board is double sided, the A side presents a number sequence from 1 to 100 for children to add, subtract, and sort. The B side expresses the relationship between multiplication and division providing a valuable extension to the more basic addition and subtraction skills.

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