Mathematics and Logical Reasoning

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Learning Wrap-ups were invented by Marion Stuart, a 4th grade school teacher who found a better way for her students to master their basic math facts. They were proven effective in the classroom and millions of students later, they are still one of the best practice tools ever for number sense, numeration, and fact mastery. They are "Hands-On, Self-Correcting, and FUN". Put them in the hands of students and watch magic happen.



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  • Kids and Parents can now relax a bit during home-work; Learning Wrap-Ups offer a fun, highly unique way to help students memorize basic maths facts
  • The Subtraction Wrap-Ups come with 10 keys and cover facts from 1-1 to 22-10 and everything in between
  • Wrap the string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right, then simply turn the key over to see if you got the correct answer
  • For extra coolness, try using a stop-watch to measure improvement and see how quickly learners pick up pace and speed, suited for kids ages 6 and up
  • Learning Wrap-Ups are a staple product now assisting kids learning the 4 Basic Maths Facts; also applied to Pre-Algebra, Science, Vocabulary, and more!


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