Gigo Learning Lab Robotics Workshop


Kids Coding (Robotics)

Gigo Learning Lab Robotics Workshop
  • $399.90

● The smart controller includes a Bluetooth chip module (CB1) that works with the “GigoBlockly” visual block-based programming app that uses a drag and drop function for easy programming on your tablet. Based on the open source coding language “GoogleBlockly”.
● Children can learn practical programming skills by building 10 models with the CB1 GigoBlockly.
● The simplified programming language is Java-based and can be converted to JavaScript.
● Children can create their own robots (with motors and sensors) and command them using “GigoBlockly”.
● Cultivates logical thinking and creativity through building different types of robots.

● Student workbook.
● Teacher’s guidebook (digital file available only).
● Smart Manual Web Service.
● Model operation video.
● Core Smart Controller x 1, light sensor x 1, touch sensor x 2, ultrasonic sensor x 1, Gigo 40X DDM servo motor x 2, Gigo 32X DDM servo motor x 2 are included.
● Each lesson has a Program Example and applicable article.
● Requires 6 AA/LR6 batteries – not included.


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Robotics Workshop 2.0 that Gigo has innovated and is launching targeted children & their parents to enjoy at home and for teachers and school classes to use as tool for education and learning.

With Gigo’s new innovative and genius robotic creation systems, consumers will be using light sensor, touch sensors, ultrasonic sensors, servo motors, a core smart controller that act as the brain and direct link to tablets from where kids will program their creations.

The hundreds of Gigo construction parts that are included will enable consumers to construct all kinds of models, from very simple 3 wheel robots to very elaborative creatures with many functions. #1203 Robotic Workshop 2.0 will provide the instruction manual of 10 models.

The graphical programming user interface is provided by GigoBlockly (based on the open source “GoogleBlockly”) that is easy to use for even young kids at the age of 10 years.

Gigo has in close cooperation to its partners developed curriculums, building instructions and manuals, so it is made easy for the users and teachers to get started and have enjoyable success with the product.

For Gigo this is a major breakthrough innovation in the world of STEM learning and education, which adds a natural progression to the many offerings that this Taiwan based company has been so globally known for in many years.

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