Gigo Green Energy - Solar Evolution


Science and General Knowledge

Gigo Green Energy - Solar Evolution
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Product Features

  • Understand the development and application of solar energy in science parks to spark curiosity in renewable energy applications and create awareness of environmental issues.
  • The instruction manual includes detailed assembly steps along with the accompanying physics theories and science applications demonstrated in the experiments. This will allow your child to acquire basic knowledge of machinery and gears through play.
  • The models of the mantis and stag beetles mimic the movement of real-life insects so that children can acquire insect-related knowledge through play.





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How to play

  • The models can be powered with solar energy outdoors in the day. At other times, a 60W light bulb will suffice to power the model, ensuring that your child can enjoy the kit at any time.
  • This product allows children to understand solar power through play and create their own specific solar power models.
  • The combination of the all-new 40x motor and 3V high performance solar panel easily drives the models.
  • 5 all-new designed models allow children to learn and add their own experience and thoughts to guide them in building unique models.

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