Go! First Grade



Go! First Grade
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This eye-catching game, ''Go! First Grade'' by KodKod International Games, will help you exercise their learning skills while offering hours and hours of fun as they explore 36 game activities that deal with the following topics: arithmetic, size relationships, spatial orientation, shapes & colors, discernment of details, and sequences.

The game kit includes plastic Froggies: kids place them above the solution boxes, and thus easily see if their solution is correct. The kit gives the child positive reinforcement and enables them to correct mistakes (if any) by themselves, while offering a "guide" for the supervising adult to check the child's mastery of the various learning skills and topics: number, amount, numerical patterns from 1 to 10, the number series, an ascending and descending series, addition problems for numbers 1-10; sequences from small to large, from short to long, from low to high; on and under, inside and outside, in front of and behind, left and right; geometric shapes, silhouettes, the whole and its parts, shapes, and background, part of a set of shapes, missing shape, shape patterns, pattern completion.

Give boredom the boot! Active children and babies are happy kids. And happy kids make for happy adults! Comes in a colorful box measuring 13 x 10.5 x 2 inches. Exciting and educational, this game would make a stunning gift for any child!

  • Can you answer these first grade questions?
  • Topics include: arithmetic (1-10), numerical patterns and geometric shapes.
  • Use plastic froggies as markers when you think you've got the answer right!
  • Hones classroom as well as out-of-class learning abilities while ensuring fun and positive reinforcement
  • Allows children to correct their own mistakes and adults to quietly supervise, intercepting when necessary.

Package Content

46 pieces of question cards, plastic frog markets, plastic question card holder.

Ages 5 and above.


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