Gigo Junior Engineer - Vehicles (79 Pieces)


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Gigo Junior Engineer Vehicles (79 Pieces)
  • $89.90

● Build 45 different models – vehicles, construction machines and buildings – combining them to make the traffic kingdom!
● Understand different types of vehicles: sea vehicles, land vehicles and air vehicles.
● Bright macaroon inspired color system.
● Learn how wheels work.
● Best tool for children’s self-learning and potential development.


Ages 2+ | 79 Pieces | 45 Models


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This Gigo Junior Engineer Vehicles set now uses the new, bright macaron, Morandi inspired colour system. There are 45 different models to build centred around themes including land, sea, and air vehicles; animals, architecture, robots and more. This set will help children to understand the world in terms of shape, colour and structure.

Included, are four basic tools, a hammer, screwdriver, clamp, and wrench. Through the process of assembling and reconfiguring the blocks, children will learn to distinguish important aspects of appearance and structure in everyday life. It is intended to develop a sense of shape, colour and imagination. The large pieces are easy for young hands to manipulate. The set will cultivate an interest in hands-on assembly, inspire imagination and creativity, promote eye-hand coordination, and encourage brain development.

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