My First Sudoku



My First Sudoku
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My First Sudoku by KodKod International Games will help your little one develop their logical thinking. This game offers hours and hours of fun with illustrated tiles suited specially to each child's abilities. Exciting and educational, this game would make a cute gift for any child!

  • A game fit for all ages, My First Sudoku brings this classic number puzzle to your child
  • Comes in 4x4 cells for the younger and 6x6 cells for older children
  • Includes 36 illustrated pieces to keep your child entertained as they solve a new puzzle!
  • Helps develop logical thinking for different ages and stages of development.


Package Content

1 decorated plastic playing board, 48 puzzles of varying difficulty levels, 36 two-sided game tiles, labels, solution cards, sand timer, 4 scorekeepers' instruction sheets.

Ages 4 and above.


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