Kod Kod Hit the Hat Game



Kod Kod Hit the Hat Game
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Roll The Dice... Grab The Right Hat!

Hit The Hat! is a hilarious game that your family will absolutely love! It's exceptionally easy to learn and will keep everyone entertained for hours. In fact, the children who tested the game for us wouldn't give it back, describing it as 'the best game we've ever played!'. The idea is simple. The faces on top of the three dice determine which hat needs to be found. The first indicates the border colour, the second, the pattern and the third is for the type of hat. No matter what faces the three dice display, only one of the 36 hats will match that combination. Be the first player to spot the hat and grab it using your 'grabber'! The first player to find six hats is the winner! Outstanding fun!

Package Contents:
- 60 cards, 36 hats, 4 slammers, 3 dice, 20 chips

Suitable for ages: 4 - Adult
No. of players: 2 to 4


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