Gigo Experiments - Remote Control Machines


Motor Skills and Coordination

Gigo Experiments - Remote Control Machines
  • $139.90

● Infrared remote controller independently controls the forward/backward movements of 3 DC motors using the battery box receiver and wires .
● 20 models: three wheel car, truck, sports car, elevator, crane, scissor lifter, bulldozer, robot, robotic arm, etc.
● 3 electric motors can be combined to make complex machines in numerous configurations.
● Learn how gears and turbines work and the principles of mechanics.
● Requires 5 AA/LR06 batteries – not included.


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● Infrared-operated technology.
● 3 electric motors.
● Includes 102 page instruction manual with theory and assembly steps.
● Infrared and touch-sensitive remote control with 3 pairs of direction buttons;allowing you to control the machines’ movements and direction.
20 models to assemble:robot,race car,crene,bulldozer…

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