Gigo Experiments - RCM Construction Vehicles


Motor Skills and Coordination

Gigo Experiments - RCM Construction Vehicles
  • $169.90

● Infrared remote controller independently controls the forward/backward movements of 3 DC motors using the battery box receiver and wires.
● There are 4 independent channels available for multiple and simultaneous use during group play or competitions.
● Building instructions for up to 8 different construction vehicle models can be built from this kit, one at the time.
● There are two additional models which you can download the assembly steps on Gigo’s website for further exploration.
● New shell components give your construction vehicles a realistic look.
● Big, sturdy cross-country tires add to the models’ function and appeal.
● Requires 2 AAA/LR03 and 3 AA/LR06 batteries – not included.





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Very detailed and realistic designed construction vehicles can be built. Realistic models that kids may know from the real construction sites and with cool functions that makes it really fun to operate and play. Lots of technical learning aspects in this kit, like the real differential gear that you construct and build in to the models. This makes you learn how vehicles compensate for the outer wheel driving faster than the inner wheel when turning. Real tough models of an excavator, bulldozer, front end loader, road scraper, crane truck, fork lift, tractor, etc.

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