Kod Kod Pull the String

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Creativity and Craft

1_Kod Kod Pull the String
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​​​​​​Let your child witness magic and gain confidence in his artwork. Pull The String is a board game designed to encourage children to explore their creativity and develop their cognitive ability and spatial awareness while improving their motor skills and helping to strengthen their self-confidence in the process. It is a one stop tool that comprises the honing of the required skillset through having fun. 

  • Simplified stitching game with patented pen and colourful strings, this game offers an unlimited number of possibilities!
  • Enhances cognitive ability & spatial awareness and improves hand-eye coordination – work those little fingers to pull the strings through!
  •  Fuss-free & mess-free: just pull on the string to restart your creation
  • Tidy, colourful fun lasts as long as your child's imagination runs free!
  • A durable, reliable and high quality product.
  • Ages 3 and above.


  • Wonder board, various coloured strings, patented pen, example cards

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This cool game, ''Pull The String'' by KodKod International Games, will help your little one explore their creativity, develop their cognitive ability and spatial awareness, and improve their motor skills while offering hours and hours of fun as they write and draw on the unique board using the original pen threaded with colourful string, creating an endless variety of colourful lines and shapes.

The good thing is that starting over could not be simpler: just pull on the string, and the design easily unravels in one step. A fun and completely safe way to stitch and unstitch for ages 3+.

Help your little one develop vital motor skills and have fun at the same time with this joyful toy!  Comes in a colourful box measuring 13 x 10.5 x 2 inches. Exciting and educational, this game would make a affordable gift for any child!

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