Gigo Junior Engineer Tool Set (4 Pieces)


Gigo Junior Engineer

Gigo Junior Engineer Tool Set (4 Pieces)
  • $8.90

● Basic tools for Junior Engineer beginners.
● Practicing using tools with high quality and safe plastic blocks.
● Improve manual dexterity.

Categories: Assembly Bricks, Junior Engineer.

Ages 2 and over.


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A set of 4 different tools to be used together with our Junior Engineer range. 

Simple. Cute. Safe. Gigo Mini Tools now uses the new, bright macaron, Morandi inspired color system. The Mini Tools include a hammer, clamp, screwdriver and wrench specially designed for young hands.

This set helps children recognize and learn how to use these important tools in a safe way. Learners will improve their motor skills and problem solving abilities. Have all the fun of being a young engineer, with none of the risk.

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